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Two Books That Offer Different Ways to Cover Plant Science

Educational standards suggest introducing plant science concepts in Kindergarten, or even in preschool. Today at Wrapped in Foil Blog we are featuring two children’s books for that level that approach the same material in different, but complimentary ways.

The first is All About Roots (All About Plants) by Claire Throp.


All About Roots is an informational beginning reader that presents the concepts in a logical and straightforward way. It uses carefully-controlled vocabulary and short sentences. The illustrations are high quality color photographs, most of which focus on different kinds of roots. Readers will learn that roots support the plant, and help the plant take in water and nutrients. They will also learn what roots look like and what common foods come from roots.

The other books in the All About Plants series also emphasize plant structures and their functions:  All About Flowers, All About Leaves, All about Stems, and All About Seeds.

In contrast, Plants Feed Me by Lizzy Rockwell covers many of the same concepts, but with a very different feel and look.



The first thing the reader notices about this book is the brightly colored-pencil-and-gouache illustrations, starting with the cover. The second is that the illustrations are filled with a lively selection of smiling children with a diversity of looks. The presence of children throughout the book draw readers in by making them feel like they are part of the action.

Another factor that draws readers in is the story is told in the first person by a young boy. The very first line is: “I am a plant eater.” The use of the first person is unusual for informational books like this, but it works well. The main thrust of this book is that plants provide us with food.

Plants Feed Me is a nonfiction book that is likely to appeal to a wide variety of young readers. It is a must have for a beginning unit on plants and it would pair well with All About Roots.

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