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The Wolf-Birds Fly High

At Wrapped in Foil today we are featuring the Cybils nominee, The Wolf-Birds by Willow Dawson.

The Wolf-Birds

The Wolf-Birds turns out to be a complete surprise. It was shelved in the fiction section of our library. It looks and reads like a fictional picture book. Watch out, however, because under the fictional facade is a serious nonfiction work based on cutting-edge animal behavior research. Why are ravens called wolf-birds? The story reveals a complex relationship between ravens and gray wolves, particularly in areas with cold, harsh winters.

This book has a lot of depth. The unique and exciting acrylic paintings lend a primal feel and would be perfect inspirations for art lessons on cave paintings or aboriginal art. Pull out the charcoal, cray-pas, and earth-toned paper!

Overall, The Wolf-Birds is perfect for young readers interested in science and nature, particularly animals. It is also likely to appeal to those readers who think they prefer fiction. It is one of those versatile books to pull it out for units on winter, birds, animal behavior, and even art.

Stop by Wrapped in Foil for more details and a Q-and-A video with the author.

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