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3 New Science Books by Mary Kay Carson

Children’s nonfiction author Mary Kay Carson has three new books out.

First up are two new titles in the Good Question! Series:



Why Does Earth Spin?: And Other Questions about Our Planet, illustrated by Peter Bull, answers many common questions about our planet. How big is the Earth, what is it made of, and why is the sky blue are the types of questions it covers. It is perfect for a unit on Earth science.

How Many Planets Circle the Sun?: And Other Questions about Our Solar System, illustrated by Ron Miller has amazing answers to puzzling questions about planets, dwarf planets, and asteroids. Do you know there is a planet that has a storm cloud named Scooter? Read the book to find out which one.

At Growing with Science blog where we review these books today, we also have information about the new meteor shower that has been predicted for next Friday, May 23-24. What is amazing is that the meteor shower, if it comes about, will be due to something that happened to a little comet known as Comet 209P/LINEAR way back in the 1800s. How can that be? Carson explains the relationship between comets and meteor showers on page 27 in the book.




Park Scientists: Gila Monsters, Geysers, and Grizzly Bears in America’s Own Backyard is the newest release in the Scientists in the Field Series. For this book Mary Kay Carson has teamed up with her photographer husband, Tom Uhlman, to explore the science being carried out in our national parks.

Conclusion:  Because Scientists in the Field has been such a popular and long-running series, it is easy to not pay as much attention to the individual books as they come out. That would be a mistake, because Park Scientists has a lot to offer. The timing of the release is perfect to catch the interest of youngsters who are headed out to take a vacation at a national park this summer. Get this book in their hands and it is likely they will want to do some science, too.

See the full review and more information at Wrapped in Foil blog.


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