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Janet Halfmann’s Animal Teachers

Have you ever wondered how baby animals learn? Are they born knowing everything they need to survive or do they learn from their parents and peers like we humans do? Animal Teachers by Janet Halfmann and illustrated by Katy Hudson is an award-winning new picture book that explores these questions.


Janet Halfmann has found fascinating examples of animal babies that learn from their parents and some of these are likely to surprise the reader. Did you know that cheetahs need to learn to run or that baby chicks need to learn what to eat? Each page brings new discoveries.

In the text, Janet has used what could be described as a “reverse Q & A.” In each two-page spread she first tells what a baby animal learns from its parents and then at the end of the section asks a few questions. This results in a conversational tone that engages the reader and leads to much deeper discussions of the topics. At the end of the book are two pages of additional bullet point facts about the animals featured in the text. These are just the kind of facts that youngsters absorb like sponges and then “teach” to their classmates.

Overall, Animal Teachers is a fascinating, warm book that introduces the fairly complex topic of animal learning to the youngest reader.  You will definitely want to share with young animal lovers.

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