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Birdology: Learning About Birds the Hands-On Way

At Growing with Science blog today, we are featuring a new middle grade book from Chicago Review Press, Birdology: 30 Activities and Observations for Exploring the World of Birds by Monica Russo and photographs by Kevin Byron.


Birdology gives an introduction to many aspects of bird biology, such as their anatomy and special characteristics, where to look for them, what they eat, bird migratory behavior, etc. In the final section it explores common careers that involve working with birds. Each section reveals information about a topic, such as feathers, and then provides suggestions for making observations and for appropriate hands-on activities to reinforce learning.

The author is very careful to point out that it is illegal to collect or possess feathers, nests or eggs of wild birds. All the activity suggestions keep this important consideration in mind.

As with other Chicago Review Press books for kids, Birdology is appropriate not only for older children to use on their own, but also for adults. Educators will be interested in the Teacher’s Guide and Resources in the back matter, and will also want a copy for ideas for quick projects that are appealing, well-designed, and that could work with multi-aged groups.

Stop by Growing with Science for an in-depth review, as well as more suggestions for activities and resources to accompany the book.

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