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Seashore Science Books for Kids

We have gone crazy featuring books about beaches all this week at Wrapped in Foil blog. Today we have suggestions for children’s books about the science of the seashore.

The seashore is a scientifically important and dynamic area. Perhaps that’s why we humans find beaches so fascinating. Even if you can’t take a trip to the beach on your own, you may explore the science of beaches through some great children’s books.




Take for example, Beachcombing : Exploring the Seashore by Jim Arnosky. The author takes the reader on a walk along a beach, finding many treasures including coconuts, sharks’ teeth, jellyfish, crabs and different kinds of shells.

See our entire list, plus links for more great beach reads at Wrapped in Foil blog.

Sue also recently reviewed another wonderful beach science title, High Tide for Horseshoe Crabs, here at STEM Friday.


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