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STEM Books with an Autumn Theme

Looking for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math books for children with an autumn theme? You have come to the right place!

Note:  The links to the book title will take you to full reviews at the blog indicated.

STEM Books with an Autumn Theme

Shirley at Simply Science starts us out with a review of the recently released picture book  Exploring Fall by Terri DeGezelle, part of the controlled vocabulary Exploring the Seasons Series. As usual, Shirley has some great suggestions for activities.

Shirley also suggests another book for younger readers, Count Down to Fall by Fran Hawk and illustrated by Sherry Neidigh. told in rhyme.

My contribution is Awesome Autumn by Bruce Goldstone.

Autumn isn’t just about fall foliage, it is also about getting ready for winter. Jeff at NC Teacher Stuff has Hibernation Station  written by Michelle Meadows and illustrated by Kurt Cyrus.

Sue at Archimedes Notebook reminds us about fall migrations with Butterfly Tree by Sandra Markle and illustrated by Leslie Wu. Sue also has a wonderful list of science/nature things to do in fall in her right sidebar.

Pam at Nomad Press is joining this week with Explore Weather and Climate! With 25 Great Projects by Kathleen M. Reilly and illustrated by Bryan Stone, for budding meteorologists and climatologists ages 6-9.

Anastasia has a lovely picture book A Leaf Can Be… by one of her former students, Laura Purdie Salas  and illustrated by Violeta Dabija at Booktalking.

Lindsey Carmichael from Sci/Why in Canada has an off-topic post about evolution in digital organisms. Her colleague has a post about getting ready for winter in the far North, Harvest Time in the Forest.


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