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Comparing Two New Titles about the Animal Kingdom

Today at Wrapped in Foil, we compare and contrast between two new middle grade titles about the animal kingdom,


TIME For Kids Book of Why: Awesome Animal Kingdom by Editors of TIME For Kids Magazine, and…


Animalium (Welcome to the Museum) by Jenny Broom and illustrated by Katie Scott.

Overall, with its question-and-answer format and smaller size, Awesome Animal Kingdom has many characteristics kids will find attractive. The boxes and sidebars allow the reader to cherry pick  sections to read. It contains a great deal of information about humans  and thus facts the children can relate to more easily. The format is also highly appealing to reluctant readers. With this book, it is likely you will find children taking turns quizzing each other on fun facts like “why do birds sing” and “how do eyelashes work.”

Animalium as a book is physically much larger and denser, and also covers the topic of the animal kingdom in much richer detail. What catches the reader’s eye are the illustrations, which have a classic scientific pen-and-ink look. Each is labelled with the scientific name of the species, its size and a fact or two about each one. The end of each section shows a common habitat where the members of the group can be found, such as “coastal waters” or “arctic tundra.”

Our conclusion is that although the two books couldn’t be more different, both are likely to thrill their audiences and teach them more about the wonders of the animal kingdom.


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