STEM Friday

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Books

STEM Friday Programs

Educators across the country have adopted STEM Friday. There are STEM Friday programs for ALL ages.


Fridays at Rainy Dayz “will be all about the disciplines of S.T.E.M and going deep and wide into one particular topic.”

See what the Pre-K to grade 5 students at Usher Collier-Heights Elementary School in Atlanta, GA did for “the final STEM Friday challenge for the fall season.”

Elementary School

Find out how Benjamin Franklin Science Academy made STEM into a family affair.

Check the STEM Friday program at Explorer Elementary.

Heathcock’s High Achievers (“an awesome group of third graders who work hard and aim high”) have a Weekly STEM Friday challenge.

Lockheed Elementary students “engage in real-world, hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) experiences daily.” See their STEM Friday “natural design process to build boats out of everyday materials.”

Root PTA hosted “4 STEM Fridays on our early release days.”

Go inside STEM Friday at Tyndall Elementary School with this classroom video.

Middle School

For STEM Career Fridays at Casa Grande Middle School, “Every Friday, the STEM Academy invites speakers from around the local community and the state to share how they use science, technology, engineering, and math in their job everyday. Speakers can either speak for an hour to all of our students, or can spend an entire day doing experiments and activities.

At Walker Mill Middle School, “Teachers have been able to restructure the school week’s schedule to create a ‘STEM Friday’ during which students immerse themselves in their exploration of this question. Each quarter, the studio teachers will work with their students to investigate a different area involving infrastructure and sustainability.”

High School

A newspaper story about LaMoille High School says, “High-schoolers have been participating in STEM Friday groups as a way to increase student achievement and be introduced to new skills they will be able to utilize post high school.”


Cabrillo College hosts a STEM Friday Colloquium.

The K-12 Outreach from the Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University staffed STEM Friday Field Trips and assisted “in the delivery of a variety of STEM activities for elementary and middle school students.”

Colorado State University hosts CSU Expeditions: STEM Fridays. These STEM Friday field trips to their lab are “facilitated by CSU undergraduate students studying to become science teachers, mentored by EOC staff and CSU education faculty.”


Boston Children’s Museum hosted STEM Friday night: Science Technology Enginering and Math on Friday, July 18, 2014 – 5:30pm to 8:30pm “Join us for a special evening focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Visit the Caterpillar Lab and see amazing displays of caterpillars that are striped, spotted, fat, thin, camouflaged and brightly colored. Design a butterfly to add to our Art Studio butterfly collection box. Listen to stories about the world around us. Enjoy experiments and presentations throughout the evening.”

Clubhouse Kids (“Before & after school child care for children in K-8th grade and an awesome Summer Camp program too”) has “Club STEM Fridays!”

Overtown Youth Center Summer STEM Program works to “alleviate the barriers of underrepresented students of color in STEM” with STEM Fridays. “This weekly program provides students with opportunities to demonstrate their interest and aptitude in STEM subjects.”

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