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STEM Friday: Rourke Educational Media Shares Animal Habitats

STEM Friday: Rourke Educational Media Shares Animal Habitats


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As you can probably tell from my recent posts, my neck of the woods has warmed up considerably. Flowers are blooming, animals are out and active. It is a fascinating time of year. I’ve been busy observing a robin family build a nest in the pine tree next to my deck (an exhausting task, that nest building!). I’ve also had a duck and a drake take up residence in my front yard (an odd choice for a hangout since my dogs would love nothing better than duck for breakfast).  With beautiful warm weather, it’s time to get outside and check out the amazing, natural world. So, we’ll stick with the nature theme again for this week’s STEM Friday.

Julie Lundgren’s book, Animal Habitats, is part of Rourke Educational Media’s My Science Library series for grades 1-2.  Animal Habitats begins by defining the concept of habitat in clear, succint text. Close-up photos of a bear in the forest and an octopus in the sea visually support the definition of habitat.  Then the author covers topics such as food, water, and shelter for living things, all supported with a wide variety of full color examples. The photos in this book are truly stunning, giving kids an up close and personal experience. My personal favorite is the prairie dog spread. One word: adorable!

Animal Habitats also has an environmental focus. Human impact on habitats, such as oil spills and deforestation, are discussed in a straightforward, objective manner. This is particularly helpful in generating classroom discussions on the topic. An added bonus for curriculum minded teachers, all the content correlates to NSTA’s Science Standards of Life Science.

If you are planning a field trip to a nature education center, share the book Animal Habitats with your students first. The content will enrich their field experience and teach them how to better observe the wonderful natural world around them.



Animal Habitats  Cover

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