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I am the Rain

I am the Rain

by John Paterson

32 pages, ages 3-8

Dawn publications, 2018

Sometimes I’m the rain cloud and sometimes I’m the rain.

Using poetic language and art, author John Paterson takes us on an adventure through the water cycle. He knows water – where it flows and how to paddle through it. And he knows its many moods, from wild and splashy to misty fog.

What I like about this book: I like the first-person point of view – a story about the water cycle from the perspective of the water. I like how we learn about water through the different seasons, and in different states – gas, liquid, solid. Water is everywhere on our planet and, as it notes, “All of life depends on me.”

The back matter is filled with so much information and ideas for exploration. There are notes to explain the “science behind the poetry” and tips for taking care of water. Plus science, engineering, and math activities.

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