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Izzy Gizmo

Izzy Gizmo

by Pip Jones; illus. by Sara Ogilvie

32 ages; ages 4-8

Peachtree Publishers, 2018

Izzy Gizmo, a girl who loved to invent, carried her tool bag wherever she went…

Izzy mends things that don’t work. She also tweaks them and embellishes them or invents something new. Her inventions are marvelous, magnificent … and too often malfunction. Like the spaghetti-eating machine, and the nearly-automatic hair cutting robot. Just when Izzy is ready to quit in frustration, she finds a crow with a broken wing. Izzy knows she has to help.

What I like love about this book: I love the feisty and determined Izzy. I also like her patient and supportive grandpa who reminds her that inventors make a lot of mistakes before they get to “ah-ha!” What I really love, though, is when Izzy decides to help the crow regain flight. She’ll invent wings. Sounds easy, but she’s got to collect some materials (I love the scene where she liberates a couple engine sprockets from a motorcycle while the leather-jacketed guys aren’t paying attention!).

I love the bright illustrations, the wonderfully expressive characters, and even the end pages that look like an erector set blew up and landed on the paper.

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STEM Friday

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