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The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building (American Places: from Vision to Reality)
by Meish Goldish (Author)

Booktalk: In 1930, anyone walking down Fifth Avenue in the middle of New York City would have seen an incredible sight. A forest of giant steel beams rose hundreds of feet into the sky. Thousands of men stood on the beams cutting, drilling, and hammering. The workers were constructing the Empire State Building–?the tallest skyscraper the world had ever seen.

Snippet: Before the late 1800s, most buildings were supported by wooden or stone walls. However, these materials weren’t strong enough to support buildings higher than ten stories. In 1855, a process was invented to make steel that was extremely strong and inexpensive. This steel could be used to make beams and columns that supported very tall buildings.

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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