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How to Be an Elephant

How to Be an Elephant, by Katherine Roy

48 pages; ages 7 – 11. Roaring Brook Press, 2017

With flapping ears and whiffling trunks, the herd quickly relays the news. After 22 months of growing, a new baby is on her way.

There are so many things this young elephant needs to learn. She’ll learn about the importance of family. She’ll learn that her feet were made for walking. She’ll learn about all the ways to use her trunk and how to communicate with distant families.

What I like about this book: It’s info-packed, but so fun to read. Katherine Roy puts us right in the midst of a herd, so we get an intimate look at how young elephants grow up and the education they receive. I enjoyed learning more about the social groups of elephants, headed by a matriarch who protects them and leads them to water and food. Also the comparisons of young elephants to other youngsters who learn through play. Elephant children play games like “chase the enemy” with egrets, baboons, and other smaller neighbors; our children play tag and king of the hill. We need books like this to help our children understand how all life is connected, and how some species, like elephants, are keystone species for their ecosystems

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