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How to Survive as a Firefly

How to Survive as a Firefly

by Kristen Foote; illus. by Erica Salcedo

36 pages; ages 5-10

Innovation Press

“Up and at ’em, larvae.” The drill sergeant calls out his young troops to get them ready for life as an adult firefly. He’s been in the trenches for a year and a half, and he knows a thing or two…

First, there’s tricks to getting through metamorphosis.

“Met-a-more-for-what?” ask the youngsters. Oh boy. This bug’s got his work cut out for him. Thing is, you’ve gotta get ready to change because you just can’t stay a larva forever. And if you’re a firefly larva, that means COMPLETE metamorphosis – turning into a pupa and….

“Can we get a snack first?”

Written in dialog, this is a fun, fun, fun introduction to insect morphology, physiology, and Photinus pyralis – fireflies for you two-leggers. There are lessons on bioluminescence, flashy facts, and lots of humor – and of course, a pop quiz at the end.

Back matter includes Frequently Asked Questions and an author’s note in which Kristen promises that no actual fireflies were harmed in the creation of the book. There’s even a glossary.

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