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Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper

Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper

by Anastasia Suen; illus. by Ryan O’Rourke

32 pages; ages 3-7

Charlesbridge, 2017

Dig, dig, dig!

Pour, pour, pour!

Pound, pound, pound!

What’s going on behind that tall board fence? Put on your hardhat and let’s find out.

Machines and people work together to build a skyscraper. So tall it touches the clouds. So if they’re building up, why are they digging down? Because tall buildings need sturdy foundations.

Anastasia Suen takes readers behind the fence and into the world of a construction site. Active language engages kids in what’s going on, and additional text explains why. Bolt by bolt, beam by beam, we travel up, up, up to the top of the building. Once the skeleton is completed it’s time to put the “skin” on – the metal and glass panels that hold everything in. And then, at last, with a fold-out page that extends high above the others, we see the finished skyscraper.

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