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Karl, Get Out of the Garden

Karl, Get Out of the Garden! Carolus Linnaeus and the naming of everything

by Anita Sanchez; Catherine Stock

48 pages; ages 7-10

Charlesbridge, 2017

Karl Linne was in the garden again. He just wouldn’t stay out of it!

Karl, get out of the garden!

Karl’s mom dreams that he’ll become a lawyer, or perhaps a minister. His father thinks he should apprentice to the shoemaker. But Karl loves spending time in the garden. He loves learning the plants, and watching the insects. So he tells his father that he wants to go to medical school.

Once there, he begins learning how to use plants for healing. There’s a big problem though: with so many names for plants, how does he know which is the correct plant to use? Karl decides that what the world needs is a consistent system for naming plants (and other living things) – a system that will help organize life.

What I like about this book: It’s a fun way to delve into the history of science, and also learn why we have scientific names for plants and animals. I also like that author Anita Sanchez includes some of the controversies about naming species – especially the idea of including humans. Imagine! Naming humans as if they were just another animal! Worse yet – lumping them in with mammals like groundhogs and cats! The very nerve!

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