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To the Edge of the Universe!

to-edge-of-universeTo the Edge of the Universe, a 14-foot fold-out journey

by Raman Prinja; illus. by John Hersey

36 pages; 8-12 years

Carlton Kids, 2016

Above earth is an atmosphere, and beyond that the space station and the moon, the sun, 8 planets, an asteroid belt, supernovas, more galaxies until you reach… the edge of the known universe.

What I like about this book: The pages are connected in a long, long, long (14-foot long) mural that takes you from the earth’s surface to the edge of the universe. On the reverse side  are facts, graphs, charts, constellations… answers to the questions you’ll be asking as you explore the universe. I also love the interaction requires for this book. You can unfold the entire mural – indeed, you could (if you want to) cut it off the cover and tape it to the wall. It’s just plain fun.

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STEM Friday

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