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Plants Can’t Sit Still

plants can't sitPlants Can’t Sit Still

by Rebecca E. Hirsch; illus. by Mia Posada

32 pages; ages 5-10 (and older!)

Millbrook Press, 2016

Plants don’t have feet or fins or wings, yet they can move in many ways.

If you look closely, you discover that plants can’t sit still! Maybe you’ve seen a plant move – a seedling starting to grow in your garden. You run out to see if the beans have started to grow and there’s a green sprout poking out of the soil. Run in for a glass of lemonade, and by the time you’ve returned something thick is poking out and by the next day there’s a seedling, unfolding its leaves.

Or maybe you planted some morning glories by the fence and sort of forgot about them – but a few weeks later you notice they’ve climbed up and over and around. That’s plants moving!

What I like LOVE about this book: This is such a fun book to read – it makes you want to get up and move around. It validates any kid who’s been accused of being unable to sit still.Seriously, if plants – the things rooted into the ground – if they can’t sit still, then why should we be expected to?

I love the simple, yet accurate, language that Rebecca Hirsch uses to show how plants move – in space, time, and developmental stages. Plants wiggle and squirm, they float and fly, they hitch rides. They definitely don’t sit still.

I also LOVE the bright, bold watercolor and collage illustrations. Mia Posada’s artwork is astounding and brings every page to life. I especially like the Venus Fly Trap.

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