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Everything Robotics

Everything RoboticsEverything Robotics

by Jennifer Swanson, with Shah Selbe

64 pages; ages 8-12

National Geographic Kids, 2016

Think you know robots? You might be surprised to find out there are robots that look nothing like what you’d expect – and do things you never thought a robot would do. So open the pages of this book and delve into the world of robotics – accompanied by lots of photos.

First stop: determining what is a robot and what isn’t. After a quick introduction it’s an around-the-world tour of robotics innovations (did you know robots can ski and play hockey?).

There’s a section on history, and lots of info about building robots and what kind of parts they need. There’s an entire chapter devoted to “Robo-Helpers”: robots that clean floors, build cars, explore distant planets, mow your lawn. There are a whole slew of rescue robots, too.

Here’s a cool fact: researchers are designing a “maggot robot” to find brain tumors! Since it’ll be moving about in the brain, it’s got to be small and flexible. [Remember that movie, “Fantastic Voyage”?] Maybe one day surgeons will use tiny robots to destroy cancer tissue. Review copy from publisher.

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