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Ocean animals 5-17Ocean animals: Who’s Who in the Deep Blue?

by Johnna Rizzo

112 pages; ages 8-12

National Geographic Children’s Books, 2016

This is a book that you’ll want to dive right into – filled with photos of exotic and not-so-exotic ocean life. There are photos of polar bears and pelicans, penguins and puffins. You’ll get to know marine iguanas, dolphins and whales, come face to face with octopuses and sharks. You’ll be introduced to some hard-core crustaceans and jumbo jellyfish, plus lots of coral reef dwellers.

There’s an introduction to the oceans of the world (can you name all five?) and a section about ocean habitats. And there’s a handy list of 20 things everyone can do to protect the oceans, from cleaning up a beach to changing how you get around. Bicycling and walking help reduce the amount of car oil and other chemicals that get into waterways and eventually make their way into the oceans.

Head over to Archimedes Notebook for more about ocean life and the Pristine Seas program.


Author: Sue Heavenrich

I write about science and environmental issues for children and their families.

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