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Dolphins and Sharks

Sharks and dolphinsSharks and Dolphins: a compare and contrast book

by Kevin Kurtz

32 pages; ages 4-8

Arbordale Press, 2016

Sharks and dolphins live in the ocean. Their bodies are shaped like torpedoes, and they both have fins and flippers. But there is one huge difference between them: sharks are fish, and dolphins are mammals.

In simple, easy-to-read language the author shows how sharks are like other fish and how dolphins are similar to other mammals. And he shows the diversity of sharks and dolphins. Back matter includes a Venn diagram, word scramble, and additional information about sharks and dolphins.

Dolphins NGKExplore My World, Dolphins

by Becky Baines

32 pages, ages 3-7

National Geographic Kids, 2016

Splash! A dolphin dives into the water and glides beneath the waves. Using photos and words, the author takes you into the world of a dolphin. Meet the family. Go to school. Whistle hello. Then it’s chow time – but way down in the dark ocean, how do dolphins find their lunch?

There’s a great section that shows how dolphin babies grow, learn, and play. Then it’s time for sleep. There are 43 different species of dolphins, and there’s no way this slim book can discuss all of them. But at the back is a page filled with photos of a few of the species of dolphins you might see.


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