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Build, Beaver, Build

Build Beaver BuildBuild, Beaver, Build! Life at the Longest Beaver Dam

by Sandra Markle; illus by Deborah Hocking

Millbrook Press, 2016

The moon is so bright on this June night that the pond water gleams. A beaver kit floats near his family’s lodge.

This is the story of a beaver kit’s first year of life, and there are lots of lessons to learn. Watch out for owls at night! Cattails are yummy. Play with your sisters. And help build the dam.

What I like about this book:  I like the way Sandra Markle tells a story of a young beaver’s life – all the things a kit has to learn before setting off into the world on his own. And I like that the story is structured around a dam – not just any dam, but the longest dam in the world. It’s so BIG you can see it from space.

I love the artwork. Deborah Hocking captures the essence of beaver family life as well as the details of the Canadian forest in which this beaver family lives. The combination of detail (tree bark, leaves) and color (so many watery blues and greens) keep me coming back to this book again and again.

I also love that there is back matter about the dam and beaver home life – and lots of resources for finding out more.

Head over to Archimedes Notebook for some beyond the book activities and an interview with illustrator Deborah Hocking.


Author: Sue Heavenrich

I write about science and environmental issues for children and their families.

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