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Little One

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Little OneLittle One
by Jo Weaver
32 pages; ages 3 – 7
Peachtree Publishers, 2016

Big Bear stepped out of her winter den. By her side, half asleep and blinking in the spring sunshine, wobbled a tiny cub.

So begins little cub’s journey of discovery – and there is SO MUCH to learn! How to be friends. What to eat in the woods.The best swimming holes. With Big Bear’s help, the cub grows in confidence until it’s time to head home.

What I like about this book: It is grounded in nature and seasonal change. I like the black-and-white illustrations ~ the contrast of soft charcoal on textured paper. They leave room for the imagination to add color and sound. And I like the aesthetics of the 11-inch square that, once opened, provide lots of room for expansive spreads.

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One thought on “Little One

  1. Wow, this one looks lovely. Obviously a lot of effort went into the details.

    Hope you are doing well.