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Dig In!

Dig In 01Dig In!
by Cindy Jenson-Elliott; illus. by Mary Peterson
40 pages; ages 4-8
Beach Lane Books, 2016

I dig in the dirt…
      and find a worm.
           Worm wiggles.

This is a perfect book for kids who love to play in the dirt.

What I Like About this Book: its simplicity. In fewer than 100 words author Cindy Jenson-Elliott takes us into the world of dirt, rocks, pill bugs and spiders. And she does it in style. A very particular style. Each dirt-under-the-fingernails observation begins, “I dig in the dirt….” followed by “and find a (worm, bug, seed…..)” and ending with a noun-verb combination. “Worm wiggles.”

Head over to Sally’s Bookshelf for some beyond-the-book activities and an interview with author Cindy Jenson-Elliott.

STEM Friday

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