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Wild Ones ~ Critters in the City

wild onesWild Ones: Observing City Critters
by Carol L. Malnor; illus. by Cathy Morrision
32 pages; ages 5-8
Dawn Publications, 2016

“Nature is all around us, even in the city.” And when Scooter sneaks out the back door, we head off with him on his city tour of critter discoveries.

What I like about this book: Scooter starts off chasing a squirrel. Of course! But he doesn’t notice the raccoon, or the possum. On each page we see what Scooter doesn’t notice as well as what he does notice. Which makes you wonder: what am I not noticing around me? In this book you’ll learn about gulls that sneak off with chip bags and bats that live under a bridge. While Scooter explores, his family is searching for him – and that story is told through illustrations.

I also like that Dawn books come with “back matter”: pages of activities and more stuff to explore. For example, “squirrels are everywhere in the city…” and there’s one on every page of this book. Go back and see what it’s doing; what a great way to help kids develop their skills of observation!

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