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Water is Water

Looking for a great book to explain the water cycle to children? Try Water Is Water: A Book About the Water Cycle by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Jason Chin. It is a beautiful picture book that relates the water cycle to familiar objects and activities.


water is water

Miranda Paul’s spare but engaging story arc goes from familiar (getting a glass of water) to less familiar (forms of water/weather) and then returns to drinking water again (familiar).

Award-winning author and illustrator Jason Chin’s paintings of children doing everyday activities help bring the young reader in, as well.

A two page spread in the backmatter helps children learn “More About Water.” In this case, the pages explain the vocabulary of the water cycle, from evaporation to seepage.

Pick up a copy of Water is Water to share with children ready to learn the basics of the water cycle. Perfect for young readers who prefer their nonfiction to look and sound like fiction.

Sue reviewed this wonderful book back in June.

At Growing with Science we are featuring three books about water nominated for Cybils Awards in 2015, including Water is Water.

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