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Early Readers from National Geographic Kids

Hoot owlHoot, Owl!
by Shelby Alinsky
24 pages, ages 2-5
level: pre-reader

Over at Archimedes Notebook I’m reviewing a trio of early readers from National Geographic Kids. This is one of the early leveled readers, intended for preschoolers. Instead of a table of contents, the first page has a “vocabulary tree”.  It reminds me of a classification, but in this case it’s a list of words beginning with: animals. Under that: Snowy Owls. Then on one side a list with words related to Where they Live (snow, cold) and on the other side, What they Do (swoop, glide).

The easy-to-read text is accompanied by high-quality photographs. The last page in the pre-readers is devoted to an activity: pretending you’re the featured animal and moving the way it moves, matching words to photos, drawing…

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Author: Sue Heavenrich

I write about science and environmental issues for children and their families.

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