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Comparing Amphibians and Reptiles

AmphbnReptileAmphibians and Reptiles: a Compare and Contrast book
by Katharine Hall
32 pages; ages 4-8
Arbordale Publishing

People who study amphibians and reptiles are called herpetologists. Ask them what they study, and they lump ’em all together into one large group they call “herps”. Still, frogs and toads have some similarities, and they are very different from snakes and tortoises.

Katharine Hall compares how reptiles and amphibians are similar – they are cold-blooded and hatch from eggs. She also compares how reptiles differ from amphibians. Most amphibians have smooth skin, while reptiles tend to have dry, scaly skin. Photographs illustrate the important features: eggs, skin, fangs, webbed feet.

At the back are pages that go beyond the simple story. There kids can learn more about the five classes of vertebrates (things with backbones) and play a mystery sorting fame. There’s a wonderful page that explains what being a herpetologist is all about, and what you’ll need in your “herpetology research kit” and more.

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