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Rude Bugs!

How RudeHow Rude! 10 Real Bugs Who Won’t Mind Their Manners
by Heather L. Montgomery; illus. by Howard McWilliam
32 pages; ages 6 + up
Scholastic, 2015

“Some bugs litter. Some pass gas. Others throw poop.”

This book introduces some of the rudest bugs around… although they are still young – larvae or nymphs – so we might excuse their juvenile behavior if it wasn’t SO gross!
Author Heather Montgomery introduces the bugs as contenders in a “Battle for the Grossest”- and you get to choose the winner. Each spread focuses on one insect and its uncivil behavior: mesquite bugs who pass gas, caterpillars who ooze green goo, beetle larvae who carry their poop around on their backs, and even one youngster who turns to cannibalism.
There is, of course, great back matter: some explanations about why this behavior is adaptive and not just “bad” juvenile hijinks, a handy map showing where to find these insects when traveling across the US, and a glossary.

Head over to Archimedes Notebook for an interview with the author.

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