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spidermaniaSpidermania: Friends on the Web
by Alexandra Siy; illus. by Dennis Kunkel
48 pages; ages 6-10
Holiday House, 2015

I have lots of spiders living in my garden: crab spiders, wolf spiders, jumping spiders, garden spiders…. so I cannot resist a new book about spiders.

What I like about this book: Alexandra Siy starts right off by making sure readers know the difference between spiders and insects:

  • spiders have two body parts; insects have three
  • spiders have eight legs; insects have six

“Spiders have lived on Earth a lot longer than humans,” she writes. About 390 million years. They can be found in caves, atop mountains, in trees … and just recently scientists in Australia have found an unexpected species of funnel-web spider. I love that Siy introduces readers to a diversity of spiders, and shows off their web skills.

I also love the illustrations – photos and brightly colored electron micrographs that show spider eyes and claws up close. This book is amazing even if all you do is look at the photos!

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STEM Friday

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