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New Collection of Biographies of 16 Women in STEM

Over at Growing with Science blog today we are featuring book that is a collection of biographies chronicling the lives of women who made a name for themselves in the areas of STEM and health care, Magnificent Minds: 16 Pioneering Women in Science and Medicine by Pendred E. Noyce.


The book is organized into chapters that are separate biographies. Because the chapters stand alone, readers can easily page to an individual subject of their choice. Also, at the beginning of each chapter is a well-researched timeline that gives details of not only that woman’s life, but also with significant events that occurred during her lifetime. The timelines help tremendously to add context.

Moving chronologically from the birth of midwife Louise Bourgeois Boursier in 1563 to the death of chemist and drug discoverer Gertrude Elion in 1999, the author has taken a novel look at the accomplishments of these women. For example, Florence Nightingale is known for her nursing skills, but Noyce suggests those skills were improved by Nightingale’s reliance on statistics and evidence-based research.

Magnificent Minds will thrill those interested in history, particularly the history of STEM and medicine. It would also make a good choice for encouraging girls and young women to pursue STEM careers.

Stop by Growing with Science for a challenge to see if you can recognize three groundbreaking women in STEM.



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