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NG Quiz Whiz 5Summer is a time for exploration, whether you’re heading to the beach or going camping or exploring the local park. Here’s a trio of books from National Geographic Kids that are sized just right for taking along.

Quiz Whiz 5: 1,000 super fun mind-bending totally awesome trivia questions
by National Geographic Kids
176 pages; ages 8-12 (or older)

Tired of playing “I-Spy”, the roadside Alphabet Game, twenty questions? Then you need to tuck this into your travel bag for the next road trip. It’s got more than 1,000 brain-tickling questions, jokes, and trivia that relate to just about any topic.

Going to the beach? Challenge kids with questions about sharks and shells and ships. There’s sports trivia, movies and lots of animal questions. And there are answers at the back… so everyone can learn something new.

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Author: Sue Heavenrich

I write about science and environmental issues for children and their families.

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