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Toad Weather

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toad weatherToad Weather
by Sandra Markle; illus. by Thomas Gonzalez
32 pages; ages 4-8
Peachtree, 2015

OK, I’ll admit it… I chose this book by the cover. I mean, how can anyone resist those boots? Or a toad?

In the gloomy gray
of a March day
the spring rain keeps falling.

Ally wants to go outside but it’s wet out there. Umbrella and boot weather. But Mama has seen something important, so off they go, splish-splashing their way down the city sidewalks. There are reflections in the puddles, colors swirling on the water, and the sound of raindrops drumming on their slickers. And a surprise: a sign that says TOAD DETOUR.

It’s not March, but there’s still rain, and the toads in my neck of the woods are barely waking up.

What I like about this book are the sounds. There are lots of sounds. And rain. And TOADS! Everywhere! Hopping, plopping, trying to make their way to their pond. Which means crossing the road. Will people help them?

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Author: Sue Heavenrich

I write about science and environmental issues for children and their families.

One thought on “Toad Weather

  1. That is certainly an eye-catching cover. I love the energy and enthusiasm Sandra Markle imparts in her books.