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When the Wind Blows

when wind blowsWhen the Wind Blows
by Stacy Clark; illus. by Brad Sneed
32 pages; ages 4-8
Holiday House, 2015

When the wind blows
Porch doors sway
Dune grass bends
Sea waves spray

This is a wonderful book about harnessing the wind’s energy – how it is transformed from a force of nature that spins turbines into electricity that powers our cities.

What I like about this book: The lyrical language. This is a nonfiction book, filled with wind turbine innards and magnetic forces and electrons. It is also written is lovely poetic language. I also love the way each page begins with “When the wind blows…” I also like the structure: we start at the beach, head offshore to wind turbines, then back onshore with electricity, and finally end up right back where we started: at the beach.

Check out hands-on wind activities over at Archimedes Notebook.

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