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Two New Picture Books About Deserts


We have been celebrating Arizona this week at Wrapped in Foil blog, and today we have reviews of  two books about the special creatures of the Sonoran Desert.


Get to Know Gila Monsters (Get To Know Reptiles) by Flora Brett is an informational text for the youngest reader. It separates the myths from the facts about this unique desert lizard. Although they look fierce and do have a venomous bite, Gila monsters are not the monsters their name suggests.


A Day and Night in the Desert by Caroline Arnold brings to light the daily activities of many different animals found in the Sonoran Desert. The text follows the passage of time from 6:00 a.m. one morning until 6:00 a.m. the next day. With the cut-paper collage illustrations and narrative-style text, it will be sure to appeal to readers who say they prefer fiction.

Both these texts would be ideal for a unit on desert habitats or desert animals. Get to Know Gila Monsters would be useful for a unit on animals life cycles or reptiles, as well.  A Day and Night in the Desert could be used to introduce the concepts of diurnal and nocturnal, and even help the youngest reader learn about time.

Check Growing with Science for some activity suggestions to accompany the books.


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  1. thanks for sending some desert reading to us ice-bound folk. Maybe reading these will keep me warm?