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The Next Wave

Right in time for the 10th anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami, Elizabeth Rusch brings us a book about the potential for powerful waves to be useful in The Next Wave.

SITF Next Wave

Part of the amazing Scientists in the Field series, this title introduces the reader to research into converting the mechanical energy of ocean waves into electrical power. After showing how powerful waves can be, Rusch reveals the pioneering experiments by two young “Mikes” who design a clever device that uses water to run a turbine.

…Rusch presents a balanced view and rightly points out that the full impact of using wave-energy harnessing devices is not fully known. It is possible the devices, depending on their design, might interfere with ocean wildlife. It is also possible the reduction of the force of waves could make changes in ocean currents and the nearby shoreline. The potential impacts of the devices are being monitored as closely as their ability to generate power.

You will definitely find The Next Wave useful for units on the ocean, energy and environmental studies, as well as to get up to speed on this surging new field.

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STEM Friday

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