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the Prairie that Nature Built

prairie nature built

Dawn Publications, 2014. ages 4-10.

The Prairie that Nature Built

by Marybeth Lorbiecki; illus. by Cathy Morrison

 “This is the prairie that nature built.” Continuing in a house-that-jack-built mode, this book highlights the critters that worm and squirm under the prairie, the diggers that burrow, the plants and insects, birds and beasts. All of them, it turns out, play an essential role in maintaining the prairie.

I like the detailed illustrations, and the way Cathy Morrison uses the page. Sometimes you need to turn the book to get the full length of it all, from root to sky. I also like how, in the end, author Marybeth Lorbiecki brings the prairie home to us, as a place where a child and her dog could roam and explore.

As with all Dawn books, there is great back matter. This book ends with a “Prairie Primer” and some more detailed notes about the soil partners, grazers, flowers and other life essential to the prairie ecology. There’s a page full of Prairie Fun activities, and some resources: books, websites and more.

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