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Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream

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dandelion seedThe Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream

by Joseph Anthony; illus. by Chris Arbo

32 pages; ages 4-10

Dawn Publications, 2014

 “Once a little seed took to the sky. It had a dream…”

The tiny seed soars, filled with possibilities. But the wind shifts, it nearly loses its fluffy parachute, and it ends up in the wrong place. But it would not let go of its dream

Granted, dreams are a bit anthropomorphic for dandelion seeds. But while the text tells the universal story of hanging on to one’s dream, the illustrations show a truer story of what happens to dandelion seeds – and other seeds that depend on aerial dispersal. Some seeds catch a breeze that drops them in soil just right for sprouting. Others end up wedged between bits of gravel, or between squares of a sidewalk. This particular seed ends up in a place where it would be impossible to set down roots – if not for a bit of chance.

The illustrations also show a story of children and their adult friends coming together to clean up a bit of trash-strewn land and turn it into a community garden. I especially like the ending – and the underlying thought that dandelions are beautiful and have a place in our world. Head over to Sally’s Bookshelf for some hands-on fall seed dispersal explorations and a link to an interview with the author.

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One thought on “Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream

  1. Yes, a bit anthropomorphic! But I think it works, yes? I like dandelions myself- such tenacious plants. Thanks for sharing Sue!