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Searching for Great White Sharks

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At Growing with Science blog this week we have been delving into ocean science with great children’s books and activities. We are rounding out the week with Searching for Great White Sharks: A Shark Diver’s Quest for Mr. Big (Shark Expedition) by Mary M Cerullo and photographs by Jeffrey L Rotman.



Great white sharks perhaps top the list for creatures that are topics of misinformation and myth. To help dispel the misconceptions, this book ties the photographs of a world-renowned underwater photographer Jeffrey Rotman with the story of how he took the photographs. As appropriate for children’s nonfiction, interspersed are facts and tidbits about the biology and behavior of great white sharks.

Did you know that great white sharks travel all over the world in search of food? Or that they dive as far down as 4000 feet?

Want to know more? Check our full review at Growing with Science blog.

Part of the 4 book Shark Expedition series.

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  1. Thanks for offering a book on sharks that looks more science than “scare”. A cool way to end a whole week on the ocean, too.