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Animal Teachers

animal teachers

Blue Apple Books, 2014

Animal Teachers

by Janet Halfmann; illus. by Katy Hudson

It’s back-to-school time, so grab your lunch bucket, your notebook and your number-2 pencil and hustle out the door so you don’t miss the bus. As you head into the classroom, did you ever wonder how animal kids learn? They don’t go to school. Do they even have teachers?

It turns out that polar bears and penguins and chimps and elephants – animals of all kinds – do have a lot of lessons to learn. Animal Teachers provides a window into the wild classrooms of the animal world.

Young otters have to learn how to swim, and joeys (baby kangaroos) need to learn some self-defense skills. Fortunately their moms teach them these skills. Other youngsters learn by copying what the adults around them are doing. In this book we see young animals learning how to run, fish, and communicate.

This is a fun book for kids just starting school – and kids who are learning at home – that asks: what sort of things are you learning, and who are your teachers?

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