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Water Can Be



32 pages; ages 5-8; Millbrook Press, 2014

Water Can Be…

by Laura Purdie Salas; illus. by Violeta Dabija

This is a book you can fall in love with just by the cover. Really- who can resist frogs lazing about on lily pads?

Though Water Can Be starts out with spring, it’s a perfect read-aloud for a rainy fall day. Because, halfway through – after all the cool things that water can be in spring and summer, we get to this:

Water is water / it’s fog, frost, and sea.

When autumn comes chasing,/water can be a… 

                      cloud fluffer…  fire snuffer…..

From waterways for salmon migration to snowflakes for winter decoration, Salas explores different ways water can be – and different states: liquid and solid (at least in colder weather)

At the back she includes notes that explain a bit more about the things water can be, as well as a glossary and some suggested reading for curious kids who want to know more.

In my garden water can be: a magnifying lens (drop of water hanging from a leaf-tip); bee drinking fountain (water collecting in depressions), mushroom sprouters, soil soakers, seed-feeders.

What can water be in your neighborhood?

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  1. Thank you, Sue, for featuring Water Can Be… And–yes, magnifying lens! Oh, how I wish I had addressed that aspect of water. Shoot.