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Geometry with the Wing Wing Brothers


wing wing brothersThe Wing Wing Brothers Geometry Palooza!
by Ethan Long
32 pages; ages 4-7
Holiday House, 2014

“Walter wheels out the Whammer. Here comes Wendell! Watch him whiz through the air!”

The Wing Wing Brothers are a family circus act of five wacky birds: Walter, Wendell, Willy, Wilmer, and Woody. They do their best to make math painless and fun. Using magic wands and feats of daring they whip those polygons into shape.

Their first amazing feat – Describing Relative Positions – opens with a blast, boom, splat! Their goal: Launch a human bird cannonball through a hoop of fire. Then, with a waggle of the wand – poof! Triangles! Squares! Rectangles! and more to amaze you! Of course there’s the “sawing a person in the box” act… which turns out just the way you’d expect and requires special glue…

What I like about this book: it’s silly and a fun way to play with math – as long as kids don’t try these stunts at home!

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3 thoughts on “Geometry with the Wing Wing Brothers

  1. The Wing Wing Brothers are great fun. I’m glad they have created another book. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wacky fun is a great way to learn math. I love the suggestions for activities to extend the book that are on your blog.

    Hope you are having a good summer 🙂