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Flight of the Honey Bee

Flight of honey bee

Candlewick Press, 2013

A honey bee tackles different jobs over her short lifetime: she cleans the hive, babysits larvae, helps build and guard the nest, serves as scout and harvests food.

“This is the story of a scout…” begins Raymond Huber. “Scout has spent her whole live in the crowded hive. Now it is time for her to fly out and explore the world – time to search for flowers from which to collect pollen and nectar for food.”

We follow Scout as she picks up scents with her antennae, dodges a hungry blackbird, and finds shelter from a sudden storm. Finally she makes it home and dances her dance to tell her sisters where to find the best nectar and pollen.

What I like about this Book: Aside from the marvelous honey-colored cover and those wise bee-eyes staring out at the reader? I love the name “Scout” – it’s perfect for a bee on a reconnaissance mission. I like the “fact notes” tucked into the page: how many bees in a hive, how far a honey bee travels to find honey. I love the warm, honey-color running through the illustrations, and the splatters of color like bits of pollen that manage to get on every page. There’s great stuff at the back, too – notes on how to “save the bees” and an index for impatient folks who want to quickly flip to the facts. Check out hands-on activities over at Archimedes Notebook.


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