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Butterfly Magic

?????“A mysterious package has arrived at the museum. It’s shiny and has traveled a long, long way. It’s sturdy. And it’s inside this silver box….”

What could this mysterious package be?

It’s a pupa! And what’s a pupa, you ask? It’s the teenage stage of a moth or butterfly’s life – where they hang around the house and look like they’re doing nothing, but a lot is going on inside.

This particular pupa started life as an egg on a butterfly farm in Costa Rica.

What’s a butterfly farm? Well, that’s what this book is all about! From the front endpapers to the last page, this book is filled with excellent writing and gorgeous photos. It shows how farmers in Costa Rica raise butterflies for museums around the world. They make sure caterpillars have plenty of food, and they scout for predators that sneak in. When the caterpillars are ready to pupate, the farmers move them into special screened cabinets. I also like the way author Loree Burns explains terminology in easy-to-understand language, and the wealth of information tucked into the back pages.

Check out some hands-on butterfly science over at Archimedes Notebook today.


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