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The Secret Life of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar

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secret life of woolly bear“Bella is no ordinary caterpillar,” writes Laurence Pringle. “She is a banded woolly bear…” So begins this introduction to the secret life of a well-loved caterpillar.

Bella has 16 legs – how do you even walk on 16 legs? Not to worry – Pringle explains how different legs help Bella climb, move, and even help her eat. And eat. And EAT… woolly bears, it turns out, eat a lot. And produce a lot of frass (a cool word for caterpillar poop).

Bella eats all summer long, and then finds a safe place to sleep away the winter. In the spring, wooly bears wake up and start eating. Again.

This is the perfect time to go on a bear hunt – a Woolly Bear Hunt, that is. And if you should happen to capture one, put it in a glass dish and watch how it walks.

This is a perfect book for spring , with bright illustrations and a fun story about a critter just about every kid knows.

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One thought on “The Secret Life of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar

  1. We love woolly bears! This looks great. Thanks Sue.