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It’s Time for Vernal Pools

the-secret-poolWhen the snow melts, it leaves puddles in my driveway and on my lawn. Back in the woods, though, the melting water collects in deeper pools that are shaded by the trees. Those secret pools become homes to frogs and salamanders, and a snack bar for snakes and birds.

If you don’t happen to have a vernal pool in your neighborhood, just pick up a copy of Kimberly Ridley and Rebekah Raye’s book, The Secret Pool. It’s almost as good as visiting a pool, but without the need for wellies.

Still, nothing quite matches the experience of walking through the woods, or along the hedgerow of a golf course, and discovering a secret pool full of tadpoles and salamander eggs. Or sitting near one of these tiny wetlands on a late spring evening and listening to the symphony of frog songs.

Ridley’s language is fun – she incorporates rhyme, without depending on rhyming text, and sprinkles alliterations throughout the book. So if you’re looking for a STEM book that offers possibilities for language play, this is a good one. Raye’s artwork is so delicious you just want to grab a brush and try your hand painting ferns and frogs, bugs and bogs. Looking for more? Check out my “beyond the book” activities over at Archimedes Notebook.


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