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A Great Day for Pup: iPad app

A Great Day for Pup
written by Bonnie Worth
2014 (Oceanhouse Media)
iPad app

Dick, Sally, and the Cat in the Hat travel the globe in the Super-de-Duper Wild Animal Greeter to learn about animal babies in this new iPad app. The first stop is Australia where a mother kangaroo is taking care of her joey. Only the size of a kidney bean at birth, the joey soon grows into a jumping bundle of energy. Next we learn that ostrich parents take shifts in watching over the nest. Dad watches at night while Mom has the day shift. Dad also shoos away predators like the warthog. If you don’t know the word predator, no need to worry as this app highlights important words and provides the definition at your touch. In a different location, mother croc is also looking out for predators and forgoing eating to keep watch. Traveling next to Asia, our intrepid trio finds a panda mother in a cave cuddling her blind and almost hairless baby. Starting on milk, in seven months this panda cub will be eating a lot of bamboo. Tiger cubs live in a brood and rely on their mother’s hunting abilities to bring them food. Swatting their mom’s tail is one way to begin learning how to hunt. The next continent on this itinerary is Africa where a troop of gorillas is found. Moms check fur for bugs and build nests for the young ones to rest when they tire out. Perhaps the coolest fact I learned from this app was that a group of very young giraffes is called a kindergarten. I wonder how snack time works there?  Other climates briefly visited include Antarctica and the Arctic.

Young readers will enjoy many aspects of this app including authentic animal noises and the rhyming of the text.The big science takeaway  is in learning the names of these animal babies and a fact or two about their life growing up. If you have a primary student working on writing a nonfiction text, there are plenty of details for them to glean from A Great Day for Pup. The best part of learning about these babies? No diapers were changed in the reading of this app.

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