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A Great Book for Pi Day

bedtime math 2 Laura Overdeck has a new book out about math this week – and just in time for Pi Day. Like her earlier book, this one is filled with fun math puzzles for kids of all ages, from wee ones (2 – 3 years old) to early elementary grades. Plus something new: Laura’s added a BONUS – a problem that requires two or more steps to solve.

What’s missing, though, is anything Pi-related. There’s not the skinniest sliver of Pi in her book. That’s because Pi is a more complex concept, says Laura. She’s aligned this book with the Common Core – especially useful for the parents at home – and Pi comes at later grades, she says. But that’s OK – there’s plenty of Pi-jinks over at Archimedes Notebook  plus a brief interview with Laura about her book and her new nation-wide math club, with links to everything.


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