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Meeting Trees


Meeting Trees by Scott Russell Sanders, illustrated by Robert Hynes, is truly a book after my own heart; color, depth of imagery, and a slow, heartfelt story.meeting-trees-scott-russell-sanders-hardcover-cover-art

I find trees to be spectacular. I hug them, I lean on them, I have always had special trees in my life. I so appreciate that this book touches the emotion of what it means to befriend trees. 

It’s a simple story, based on Sanders’ childhood experiences walking in the woods with his father. It’s atypical in the current picture book world of cartoon and fast-paced action meant to rival screen media. Instead, this book captures what it is like to walk in the woods, learning tree types, noticing things, paying attention. A kid with his dad. Meeting Trees is a picture book for young kids, but it comes across to me as a poetic short piece of creative nonfiction. 

The book is beautifully illustrated by Robert Hynes. I met Hynes two years ago at Highlights Nature Writing Bootcamp. He shared his illustrating experiences and got us attendees to pick up a pencil and draw something (which is saying a lot for me!) The images in this book are true to reality and full of life. 

Clearly, I love this book. It was published in 1997, and like I said, is very different than the current trend in picture books. But this is the kind of special story I aim to write and share with the world. After, that is, I take some time and go out and hug a few trees.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Trees

  1. Looks like a book after your own heart. It’s books like this that made my kids want to wander in the woods, climb up the pines to see what the world looks like from a squirrel’s eye view… thanks for sharing your review.

  2. Lovely review. As I am fond of trees as well, I will definitely be on the look out for it.